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CNN's Going Green: 'Your Green World'

updated 1:08 PM EDT, Thu October 6, 2011
  • Going Green returns to look at cutting edge green projects happening all over the world
  • From solar boats in Hong Kong and South Korean steel plants to "upcycling" in the United States
  • Host Philippe Cousteau examines plight of loggerhead sea turtles off South Carolina coast

(CNN) -- The third installment of our Going Green series looks at cutting-edge ideas from around the globe.

Once again, Philippe Cousteau brings his expertise to CNN reporting on sea turtle conservation on the east coast of the United States.

The declining population can be traced in part to man-made problems like the fishing industry and pollution. However, a major problem is the destruction of sea turtle nesting grounds by development and coastal erosion.

New study maps sea turtle danger zones

Philippe Cousteau with sea turtles: Part 2

Cousteau takes a helicopter ride above the coast of South Carolina to view the turtles' declining habitat from the sky before getting an up-close view of their most protected nesting grounds.

Philippe Cousteau at a Sea Turtle Hospital

He also visits the nearby Sea Turtle Hospital to see for himself the negative effects of human interaction on adult sea turtles and how biologists are nursing injured turtles back to health before returning them to the ocean.

U.S. beefs up conservation efforts of endangered sea turtles

The half-hour special will also be showcasing some of the ideas and people impacting the green movement, including a record-breaking solar boat in Hong Kong and a South Korean steel plant which is forging a greener path.

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Saturday October 8: 13:00 & 20:00

Sunday October 9: 09:00

Tuesday October 11: 09:30 & 17:30

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