Chavez audio recording seeks to dispel rumors about his health

In June, Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez announced doctors had removed a cancerous tumor from his body.

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  • Hugo Chavez says he is recovering well from last round of chemotherapy
  • In June, he announced doctors had removed a cancerous tumor from his body
  • Chavez has not specified what type of cancer he has
  • Chavez says he has been reading and studying

An audio recording of a confident-sounding, strident President Hugo Chavez aired on Venezuelan state-run television on Sunday, with the ailing president assuring listeners he is recovering successfully from his last round of chemotherapy in Cuba.

Adding that a recent throat infection may have caused some "alarm," Chavez, who returned to Caracas Thursday at midnight, said he had his throat examined due to "some virus that was going around," and a fever, but he dispelled any possible rumors that his health is deteriorating.

"I already finished my fourth and last round of chemotherapy and I am recovering from the effects of the continuous rounds, treatments and medications," said Chavez in the audio address aired Sunday.

"I'm informing you that all of the vital signs are behaving well, they are evolving favorably, leukocytes, platelet-rich plasma, red cells, white cells, all of those details of a functioning body," he added.

Chavez has often ridiculed rumors surrounding his cancer diagnosis, jokingly referring to his post-treatment appearance as "his new look."

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"They keep speculating without any scientific basis," he said last August after returning from treatment in Cuba.

In June, Chavez announced that doctors had removed a cancerous tumor from his body, but has not specified what type of cancer he has.

    In Sunday's audio message, Chavez said he has been "studying and reading" while recovering, working on a bill proposal on a national plan to combat drugs.

    "This has to do with our youth... the war against drugs and the fights against crime," Chavez said.

    Despite his confident tone, Chavez admitted he is feeling the after-effects of chemotherapy and said his "physical strength" is not the same.

    "Today, I have been back for 72 hours, recovering from the impacts. One has to take care, take care in the next few days," he said.