Chavez back in Venezuela after treatment in Cuba

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez speaks in Caracas on September 9, 2011.

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  • Venezuelan president returns to Caracas
  • Hugo Chavez was in Havana for chemotherapy treatment
  • He traveled to Havana last Saturday
Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez returned to Caracas on Thursday night after the fourth treatment of chemotherapy in Havana.
The president was welcomed by members of his Cabinet and his chancellor, Nicolas Maduro, at the Maiquetia airport.
"Thanks to these results, the chemotherapy phase has ended, we close the cycle of chemotherapy and now we will dedicate ourselves to the full physical recovery," he said.
Chavez said that he will continue assuming the government duties at the appropriate rate.
The president who traveled to Havana last Saturday, thanked Fidel Castro, Raul Castro and the Cuban people for their attention.
Chavez heads to Cuba for chemo
Chavez heads to Cuba for chemo


    Chavez heads to Cuba for chemo


Chavez heads to Cuba for chemo 00:48
Chavez added that earlier Thursday, he spoke with the Cuban President Raul Castro and the former president, Fidel Castro, for about five hours about the world.
He said he watched some of the United Nations speeches on television, including Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff and the Bolivian President, Evo Morales.
Chavez said that the speech by U.S. President Barack Obama "was a monument to the cynicism. " The president said he will host the summit of Latin America and the Caribbean in December.
Venezuela, with the help of other countries, has to play a role in stopping the imperialism insanity that threatens the world, he said.