Smoking Elmo tweets from the @Qwikster handle

Netflix changed the name of its DVD mailing service to Qwikster, but apparenlty didn't get the name on Twitter.

Story highlights

  • Netflix changes name of DVD mailing service to Qwikster
  • The @Qwikster Twitter handle isn't owned by Netflix
  • That Twitter user's icon is a cartoon Elmo smoking a joint
  • It's unclear if Netflix will try to obtain the account
Netflix changed the name of its DVD mailing service to "Qwikster" over the weekend.
But the company apparently forgot to consider the Twitter ramifications of the switch.
The Twitter handle @Qwikster apparently isn't controlled by Netflix. A guy whose name is listed as Jason Castillo and whose icon on that social network is a cartoon Elmo smoking a joint has been tweeting from that account for months.
The comments he makes have absolutely nothing to do with Netflix or Qwikster -- and everything to do with sex and drugs:
"Bored as s--- wanna blaze but at the same time I don't ugh f--- it where's the bowl at spark me up lls."
And: "Don't bother telling me who my ex is now dating ! Cuzz now I feel bad for the b---- that has my sloppy seconds :)"
The account, which appears to have been active since April, had more than 600 followers on Monday morning.
It's worth noting that some other big-name Twitter handles aren't owned by the corresponding big-name companies. @Apple, for instance, has only posted two tweets, and appears not to be owned by the gadget maker.
The blog TechCrunch rounded up some of the best tweets making fun of the @Qwikster situation:
"Pretty sure @netflix can score that @qwikster twitter handle for a dime bag and some porno mags," a Twitter user name @mat wrote.
Other social media types are offering to help him find a lawyer.
Netflix did not respond immediately to a CNN request for comment on the rogue Twitter handle.
The company essentially has split its business in two: Its video streaming service will still be called Netflix; but the DVD-by-mail piece is now dubbed Qwikster.