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Review: Gavin DeGraw's 'Sweeter'

Gavin DeGraw's fourth full-length album, "Sweeter," comes out on September 20.

Story highlights

  • Gavin DeGraw's fourth full-length album is called "Sweeter"
  • Half the album is weighed down by painfully mopey, girl-done-left-me blues
  • "Sweeter" comes out on September 20
You know that part in this pop-soul smoothie's songs where the verse launches skyward into the chorus, Gavin DeGraw makes that I'm-pounding-these-piano-keys-so-hard! face, and a bajillion turtle doves explode from a rooftop somewhere?
Well, there's a half-dozen good ones on his fourth full-length "Sweeter."
Too bad the other half's weighed down by painfully mopey, girl-done-left-me blues.
''Everybody hurts,'' DeGraw sighs. Dude, you're telling us? B-