Comedian Jim Jefferies on getting robbed

White comedian hates 'whitey'
White comedian hates 'whitey'


    White comedian hates 'whitey'


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Story highlights

  • Jim Jefferies is a comedian from Australia, but he's discovered more fame in England
  • Jefferies has turned true events, like a home invasion, into inspiration for his comedy
  • His comedy is catching on in the U.S., but Jefferies still likes to perform in Australia
Jim Jefferies is one of Australia's most successful stand-up comedians, but fans Down Under don't get to enjoy their native son live on stage as much as they'd like.
"I haven't really done comedy in Australia," he says. "I did it for a year before I moved to the UK. I go back and do it now for a couple of weeks a year but, to be honest, I do it because you got to visit your mom."
Good boy.
It was in England where Jefferies' career really began to flourish. However, success didn't come without a few lumps along the way. Quite literally.
Many people are aware of the 2006 Manchester Comedy Store incident where Jefferies was viciously attacked on stage. He recounts this story in our video interview. (And, yes, we've got the actual footage.)
But there was also the time (again in Manchester) when he, along with his friend and girlfriend, fell victim to a home invasion that led to having his car stolen and Jefferies being tied up and sliced in the head with a machete. This story was told in hilarious detail on the Opie & Anthony radio show, where Jefferies explained that the cops caught the intruders and pretty much nailed them for everything, including grievous bodily harm, aggravated robbery and attempted rape.
"They also got 'em for possession of drugs, which was brilliant because they were my drugs," he says of the little bag of weed the robbers took from his house. Later, when the police questioned him about the drugs, explaining that his fingerprints were all over the bag, Jefferies replied, "They made me touch it."
Over the years, Jefferies has established himself as one of the funniest and most irreverent comedians on stage. And, for a good long while, he was also known as being a bit of a heavy drinker.
But those days are over; they ended rather abruptly when his doctor told him he had an enlarged liver. To this, he jokes, "You'd think a large one would be able to handle more pressure."
Fortunately, his comedy is as strong as ever, and a sober Jefferies is rapidly becoming a bigger name throughout the States. Of course, he still performs occasionally back in Oz. You know. For mom.
Good boy.
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