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Saudis report checkpoint killing of suspected militant

From Mohammed Jamjoom, CNN
  • The incident occurred hundreds of miles southeast of Riyadh
  • The shooter was described as a man disguised as a woman
  • Authorities believe the men could have ties to al Qaeda

(CNN) -- Saudi security forces shot and killed a suspected militant at a checkpoint, a government spokesman said Saturday.

The incident -- which occurred about 400 miles southeast of the capital of Riyadh -- started when two people in a car were asked to step out and present their identification cards.

They appeared to be a man and a woman, but one of them turned out to be a man disguised as a woman who got out of the car and was killed after he opened fire on the security forces, according to Maj. Gen. Mansour Al-Turki, an interior ministry spokesman. The other person was arrested.

Al-Turki said the men could have ties to al Qaeda because of the techniques they used to pass through checkpoints.

He said authorities are working to obtain the identity of the slain man and are investigating the confrontation.

"There is a strong suspicion that al Qaeda is related to this incident, especially because of the techniques the men used -- specifically that one of them was wearing women's clothes while having someone else driving the car and looking normal," Al-Turki said.

In October 2009, two men dressed as women were slain by Saudi security forces, Al-Turki said. That incident occurred in a location where al Qaeda elements are intercepted.