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2 Palestinian militants killed, 1 Israeli soldier hurt in Gaza clash

By the CNN Wire Staff
  • Israeli troops fatally shoot two suspected Palestinian Islamic Jihad militants
  • A Israeli soldier is "moderately wounded" in the incident, says Israel Defense Forces
  • The clash occurred near a security fence in central Gaza

(CNN) -- Two members of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad were killed and an Israeli soldier was wounded in a clash Saturday in Gaza, Palestinian and Israeli officials said.

The incident occurred Saturday evening when Israeli soldiers saw two suspects near a security fence in the central Gaza Strip, according to an Israel Defense Forces statement. The troops fired and killed both.

Palestinian Islamic Jihad sources confirmed that two members had died, saying it happened during a clash with Israeli special unit forces in that area, east of Albraij.

While Israeli forces subsequently checked the area, shots were fired -- leaving one of the soldiers "moderately wounded," the Israeli statement said. Gunfire continued for a short time, but it did not result in any more injuries or deaths.

A helicopter transported the wounded soldier for treatment.

CNN's Talal Abu-Rahme contributed to this report.