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France condemns Iran's treatment of diplomats

By the CNN Wire Staff
  • French authorities summoned the Iranian ambassador in Paris to complain
  • France says Iranian security officers punched a French official in the face
  • It says the officers arrested Iranian guests of the French ambassador

Paris, France (CNN) -- French authorities summoned Iran's ambassador in Paris on Tuesday after France accused the Islamic republic of a "serious violation" against its diplomatic personnel.

The French Foreign Ministry said that Iranian security officers blocked the entrance to the French diplomatic compound in Tehran on Sunday and arrested Iranian guests invited to a party thrown by Ambassador Bernard Poletti.

Another high-ranking French official went down to the gate to see what was happening and was punched in the face, said Foreign Ministry spokesman Bernard Valero. He was not severely injured.

The ministry said the Iranian officers used "unacceptable violence in this incident towards the guests and the staff."

France strongly condemned the incident and accused Iran of violating the 1961 Vienna Convention regarding diplomatic relations, of which Iran is a signatory.

The added tension comes as the European Union's foreign policy chief is offering to meet Iran in early December for talks on Iran's nuclear program. France is one of six global powers that will take part in the talks.

CNN's Jim Bittermann contributed to this report.