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3 bombs explode outside Christian homes in Baghdad

From Jomana Karadsheh, CNN
A man checks out the charred remains of a vehicle targeted in a bombing Monday in Najaf, Iraq.
A man checks out the charred remains of a vehicle targeted in a bombing Monday in Najaf, Iraq.
  • The attack comes as a group of Iraqi Christians arrive in France
  • A car bomb in another Baghdad neighborhood kills at least one person
  • The death toll from a car bomb in Basra rises to 12
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Baghdad, Iraq (CNN) -- Three bombs left outside three Christian homes in western Baghdad detonated Tuesday evening, wounding at least three people, an Interior Ministry official said.

It was not clear if the injured were Christian residents or others on the street.

The latest attacks came as 35 Christian survivors of a chilling church attack last month arrived in France, where they will be able to seek asylum.

A group called the Islamic State of Iraq claimed responsibility for the gruesome October 31 siege of the Sayidat al-Nejat cathedral that left 70 people dead and 75 wounded. The umbrella group includes a number of Sunni extremist organizations and has ties to al Qaeda in Iraq.

In another western Baghdad neighborhood, a car bomb killed at least one person and wounded five, the official said. The bombing occurred near a Sunni mosque and an office belonging to one of Iraq's top Sunni Arab parties.

Meanwhile, the death toll from a car bomb explosion in Basra increased to at least 12, the interior ministry said. At least 39 others were wounded when the car bomb exploded Monday in a busy commercial district in the western part of the city, the ministry said.

In two major Shiite cities, another 11 people were killed Monday, the Interior Ministry said.

On a crowded street in the Iraqi city of Karbala, a blast killed at least 10 people and wounded 38, the ministry said. The bomb went off at one of the main entrances to the city where buses carrying Iranian pilgrims stop.

In Najaf, at least one person was killed and 10 were wounded in a bombing, the ministry said. The parked car bomb targeted buses carrying Iranian pilgrims at the road leading to Najaf's old city.