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Israel kills militant in Gaza

By the CNN Wire Staff
  • NEW: Militant group confirms member's death
  • Israel Defense Forces describe man as "ticking bomb"
  • Mohammed Al-Namnam was a member of the Army of Islam
  • The IDF says the militant had been involved in terrorism

(CNN) -- Israeli forces targeted and killed a militant in Gaza on Wednesday, according to the Israel Defense Forces and the militant group to which he belonged.

Mohammed Al-Namnam had been a senior leader of Jaish Al-Islam, or the Army of Islam, according to the Israel Defense Forces. IDF spokeswoman Avital Leibovitz described him as a "ticking bomb."

She would not elaborate on how he was killed, saying only that he was targeted with a bomb.

The Army of Islam said Wednesday that Al-Namnam was targeted by Israeli planes.

"The Army of Islam considers Mohammed Jamal Al-Namnam as a martyr, and may God consider him among the martyrs," the group said in an online statement. "He was killed after being targeted by the Zionist enemy's planes."

This news comes after Palestinian medical sources said one person was killed and another was injured in a car explosion in Gaza City.

Al-Namnam "was personally involved in directing several terror attacks against Israeli targets in recent years" and recently directed "a terror attack against American and Israeli targets in the Sinai Peninsula, in cooperation with Hamas elements in the Gaza Strip," the IDF said.

The IDF labels the Army of Islam as a radical Salafist group that identifies with al Qaeda. It has undertaken "several severe attacks against Israeli targets."