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CNN's Rima Maktabi hosts from Aqaba, Jordan.
CNN's Rima Maktabi hosts from Aqaba, Jordan.
  • Yemeni rapper AJ tries to help youngsters overcome poverty through music
  • "The Office" Israeli-style: popular comedy show gets a makeover for audiences in Israel
  • Turkish author Elif Shakaf takes IME on a tour of Istanbul and talks about her work

(CNN) -- Hip Hop: From Yemen to Morocco

Born in Ohio, the Yemeni-American rapper known as AJ brought hip hop from Youngstown to Yemen. He has rapped about everything from chewing qat to combating terror. He hopes, through the power of music, Yemen's youth can overcome the poverty of their land. By setting a positive message for them, he wants to help give them a better outlook on life and create a place for hip hop in Yemen's future generation. Mohammed Jamjoom has the story.

Meanwhile in Morocco, young people are also embracing the rhythmic beats of hip hop and local artists are turning music from the West into something uniquely their own.

"The office" -- Israeli Style

An Arab warehouse manager, an ultra-orthodox Jewish saleswoman, a bitter Russian accountant and a large boss who thinks he can bellydance. Sounds awkward and uncomfortable? It's supposed to be! It's the latest adaptation of Ricky Gervais' hit comedy -- this is "The Office" Israel-style.

Paula Hancocks reports on how the combination of comedy, politics and conflict comes together to create a hit TV show for the Israeli audience.

My Middle East: "My Istanbul" with author Elif Shafak

In the latest installment in our ongoing series, My Middle East, renowned Turkish author Elif Shafak shows us around Istanbul and tells us how her writing style and her stories are inspired by her city.

A vibrant multi-cultural metropolis literally straddling two continents, Istanbul's energy is a driving force behind Shafak's creativity and helps inspire the unique style that has made her one of Turkey's leading voices.