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Palestinians, Israeli police clash for 3rd day in East Jerusalem

From Kareem Khadder, CNN
  • NEW: Demonstrations sparked by shooting death of Palestinian on Wednesday
  • NEW: Man says toddler nephew died after inhaling tear gas

Jerusalem (CNN) -- Palestinian youths and Israeli border police clashed Friday in a third day of violence sparked after a security guard shot and killed a Palestinian man in an East Jerusalem neighborhood.

As they did Wednesday and Thursday, the Palestinian youths hurled rocks while border police fired tear gas, stun grenades and rubber bullets in an effort to quell the demonstrations, according to CNN journalists who witnessed the violence.

In the Issawiya neighborhood, a man said that his 14-month-old nephew died Friday after inhaling tear gas. Ahman Abu Sara said family members, unable to reach a nearby hospital because of the clashes, took the boy to a clinic where he was treated and released. Three hours later, Abu Sara said, the boy's mother found him dead.

A police commander in the field would not comment, and CNN was unable to get into the area to obtain information from the clinic because of the clashes.

The clashes began Wednesday when a security guard shot and killed a man in East Jerusalem's Silwan neighborhood. The guard and a cousin of the victim told different stories, however.

The guard was one of several in a vehicle traveling in Silwan early Wednesday when dozens of Palestinians began stoning the car, according to Israeli police. The guard fired his gun, killing Samer Sarhan, a 32-year-old resident.

The cousin, however, said the incident began when guards tried to provoke Muslim worshipers on their way to prayers. A fist fight ensued, the cousin said, and one of the guards shot Sarhan as he was running away.

Israeli police were investigating and said the guard was detained for questioning.

The demonstrations on Wednesday included clashes at the politically sensitive al Aqsa mosque, where Israeli police used tear gas, water cannons and stun grenades to disperse Palestinians who threw stones and set cars on fire.

Palestinians began throwing stones after prayers at the al Aqsa mosque, prompting Israeli forces to enter the compound to disperse them, Israeli police spokesman Mickey Rosenfeld said.

Some fled into the mosque, but Israeli security did not follow them, he said.

The mosque is on land holy to both Muslims and Jews.