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Israel-Gaza border violence renewed amid peace talks

By the CNN Wire Staff
  • A Palestinian man is killed in an Israeli airstrike
  • Mortars and rockets land in Israel
  • Fresh peace talks are ongoing

(CNN) -- An Israeli airstrike killed a Palestinian man Wednesday in southern Gaza, Palestinian security sources said.

The Israel Defense Forces confirmed the strike on a tunnel in Rafah. The IDF said Palestinians fired nine rockets and mortar shells Wednesday that landed in Israeli areas just east of the border with Gaza. It said 14 such attacks have occurred since Sunday.

The violence comes amid fresh Middle East peace talks, which opened in Egypt on Tuesday and are to continue Wednesday in Jerusalem.

"Over the past few days, we have witnessed an increase in attempts by terrorist organizations to attack using rockets in the area surrounding the Gaza Strip, in light of the progress of political negotiations," Israeli Brig. Gen. Eyal Eisenberg said Tuesday.

"The Hamas organization controls the area and we hold it accountable for everything that takes place there," he said.