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Palestinian man seeks asylum in Turkish Embassy in Israel

By the CNN Wire Staff
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Officials: Man storms Turkish Embassy
  • Knife-wielding Palestinian man is subdued by Turkish security
  • He was seeking political asylum at Turkey's embassy in Tel Aviv
  • No one at the embassy was hurt; the man was overpowered by security
  • Man says he fears Jews and Palestinian Fatah members will kill him

Jerusalem (CNN) -- A man carrying a knife, a can of gasoline and what authorities determined later was a toy gun broke a window at the Turkish Embassy in Tel Aviv on Tuesday and climbed inside, where he demanded to be granted refuge, the Turkish Foreign Ministry said.

The man, who had tried to take the auxiliary ambassador hostage, was overpowered by Turkish security, the ministry said in a statement.

He was interrogated, it said. None of the embassy staff was hurt, it added.

The man was then taken to a hospital, Israeli police said.

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Turkey's semi-official Anadolu News Agency, citing an Israeli official, said the same man tried the same thing four years ago at the British Embassy in Tel Aviv.

"Everything is under control," said a Turkish Foreign Ministry official, who asked not to be named because he was not authorized to speak about the incident. "A person jumped over the wall and tried to get in. He had a knife. He was incapacitated by our security guard and hurt."

He said he did not know if any shots were fired. "He's a Palestinian. That's all we know," the Turkish official said.

Before he was subdued, the man, who identified himself as Nadim Injaz, told Channel 2 in a telephone interview from inside the embassy that he would burn the embassy, himself and two hostages if he was not granted safe passage from Israel.

"Here, I have petrol, I have weapon, an explosive device, everything," he said.

The man appealed to Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan "to give me a political asylum from these murderers, the Zionists, the Jewish killers. Help me save another Muslim from these murderers."

"Die Abu Mazen," he said, referring to Palestinian National Authority President Mahmoud Abbas. "Die all the murderers in the Mukataa," he added, referring to the offices of the Palestinian National Authority. "Die Mohammed Dahlan," the leader of Fatah in Gaza; "Die Abu Allah," he said, referring to another Fatah politician.

"All these murderers that steal the money of the Palestinian people and suppress the Palestinian nation. They will kill me; I don't know what will happen now."

Eli Bin, the chief executive officer of Israel's national emergency medical and ambulance service -- known as MDA -- told CNN: "According to reports we are receiving from unofficial sources, the man [suffered] very light injuries."

The incident comes amid deteriorating relations between Israel and Turkey, which were once close allies. Turkey has taken issue with Israel's policies in Gaza and is angry about the deaths of nine Turks in a skirmish with Israeli commandos during a raid on May 31 on an aid flotilla headed for Gaza.

CNN's Guy Azriel, Paula Hancocks and Talia Kayali contributed to this story.