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August on Inside the Middle East

Traditional sailing dhows are popular racing boats among the Emirati youth.
Traditional sailing dhows are popular racing boats among the Emirati youth.
  • A group of young Iraqis is learning the language of music
  • An animated film is aimed at getting Emiratis to reduce their eco footprint
  • Traditional Arab sailing dhows are proving to be popular racing boats in the UAE
  • The handmade boat "The Jewel of Muscat" completes its voyage

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(CNN) -- Iraqi kids find a musical escape

Nashat Majeed, an Iraqi music teacher passes on his love for the guitar to Iraqi children. They are among the lucky ones; members of Baghdad's dwindling elite -- well educated, straight-A students, looking for an outlet to have "fun" and feel "normal."

Arwa Damon meets the kids and their teacher, who says adults need to pass on the language of music, not the language of war.


The UAE has one of the world's highest per-capita ecological footprints. We talk to one environmental NGO trying to raise awareness through an innovative campaign that uses a stop-motion animation video.

UAE dhow races

Dhows are the traditional Arab ships that have been plying the seas for centuries. Even though they no longer rule the waves of the Persian Gulf as they once did, these majestic vessels still play a vital role in contemporary culture as a bridge to the past.

Tracey Holmes reports how dhow is making a comeback as a racing boat of choice for young Emiratis.

"The Jewel of Muscat" update

One hundred and forty-one days after setting sail from the shores of Oman, the handmade vessel "The Jewel of Muscat" arrived at its final destination, Singapore.

IME was there for the February launch of this dhow -- a reconstruction of the ninth-century wreck of a hand-sewn plank ship made without a single nail. We bring you an update on this story as captain and crew dock safely to a huge welcome.

Campus forum

We hold a roundtable discussion with students at the Mohammed Bin Rashed School for Communication at the American University in Dubai.

Studying journalism and digital production and storytelling, these youths share their concerns about the state of Arab media and tell us their hopes for their contributions to this field in the future.