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Local officials: Abducted U.S. service member killed

By Matiullah Mati, CNN
  • The two went missing after leaving their compound in Kabul
  • Official says he learned of the death from locals
  • Adm. Mike Mullen calls it an "unusual circumstance"
  • Five U.S. soldiers were killed in bombings Saturday

Kabul, Afghanistan (CNN) -- One American service member who was abducted in Afghanistan on Friday has been killed, provincial government officials said Sunday.

Den Mohammad Darwish, the spokesman for the governor of Logar province, said he learned from locals that the service member was killed.

Another official, Samar Gul Rashid -- who is the governor of the Charkh district in Logar province -- also confirmed the killing, saying he learned about it through Afghan intelligence officials.

A second service member who was also abducted at the same time is still missing.

Rashid said the second soldier is wounded.

The U.S. military would not comment on the subject.

"We can not confirm anything at this time on this subject," said Lt. Cmdr. Katie Kendrick.

Adm. Mike Mullen, in a press conference Sunday, said he could not give out any information. But he did call it an "unusual circumstance" to have two individuals leave the base and drive over an hour away in a non-military vehicle.

The two service members went missing after leaving their compound in Kabul, NATO said.

An Afghan intelligence source told CNN that the two were abducted in Logar province, south of Kabul -- Afghanistan's capital.

The development comes as five U.S. soldiers were killed in bombings in southern Afghanistan on Saturday.