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9 dead in 3 Iraq attacks

From Mohammed Tawfeeq, CNN
  • Two people die Thursday when a motorcycle bomb explodes south of Baghdad
  • Four police officers among the six killed in Tikrit
  • A car bomb damages shops and houses in Tikrit
  • A bomb on a minibus kills a civilian in Baghdad

Baghdad, Iraq (CNN) -- Two civilians were killed and 10 were injured Thursday after an explosive-rigged motorcycle exploded in an outdoor market in Mahmoudiya, a village just south of Baghdad, local police officials said.

The deaths bring the total to nine dead in separate incidents in Iraq.

Six people were killed, including four police officers, when a car bomb exploded Thursday morning in Tikrit, police in the northern Iraqi city said, and a bomb in Baghdad killed one person, police there said. Three police officers were among 14 wounded in the Tikrit attack, police said. A number of shops and houses were damaged.

Tikrit is in Salaheddin province about 160 kilometers (100 miles) north of Baghdad.

In central Baghdad, the civilian was killed and three others were wounded when a bomb attached to a minibus went off in the Sheikh Omar commercial area Thursday morning, police officials said.