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9 dead in attacks targeting Shia pilgrims in Baghdad

By the CNN Wire Staff
  • At least nine were killed in a series of attacks on Shiite neighborhoods
  • Pilgrims en route to shrine appear to have been targeted
  • At least 43 were woundedin the attacks

Baghdad, Iraq (CNN) -- At least nine people died and another 43 were wounded Tuesday in a series of attacks in predominantly Shiite neighborhoods as Shiite pilgrims headed toward a shrine in northern Baghdad, Interior Ministry officials told CNN.

In all, eight attacks appeared to target pilgrims en route to the Imam Musa al-Kadhim shrine in the Kadhimiya district to commemorate the anniversary of his death, the officials said. The Kadhimiya shrine is one of the holiest for Shiite Muslims around the world.

According to the officials:

-- A mortar landed in the Shula neighborhood of northwest Baghdad, killing two pilgrims and wounding four others, the officials said.

-- A roadside bomb exploded near pilgrims in southwest Baghdad, wounding five.

-- A roadside bomb exploded in the predominantly Shiite section of Dora neighborhood south of Baghdad, wounding four pilgrims.

-- A roadside bomb exploded in northeast Baghdad, wounding three pilgrims.

-- A roadside bomb in the neighborhood of New Baghdad exploded, killing four pilgrims and wounding 14 others.

-- Two mortars landed in the Kadhumiya neighborhood of northern Baghdad, killing three pilgrims and wounding eight others.

-- A roadside bomb exploded in Kadhumiya, wounding four pilgrims.

-- A roadside bomb exploded on the highway in northern Baghdad, wounding one pilgrim.

CNN Producer Yousif Bassil contributed to this story from Baghdad.