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Madrid cop drags man off tracks as train arrives

By Jim Kavanagh and Per Nyberg, CNN
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Dramatic train rescue caught on camera
  • Off-duty officer in Spain drags man off tracks seconds before subway arrives
  • Man had been standing on platform with girlfriend when people started shouting
  • Train barely misses both men as others frantically wave at train operator

(CNN) -- An off-duty police officer named Angel leaped off a subway platform Friday in Madrid, Spain, and dragged a fallen man off the tracks just as a train arrived.

The officer said on the Spanish National Police YouTube channel that he had been standing on the platform with his girlfriend when people started shouting.

"I observed a stir at the station, and then I saw the man who had fallen on the tracks," he said while calmly narrating a video of the dramatic rescue.

"I ran out, I took off my jacket, and I threw myself onto the tracks. At the same time I had to maintain my awareness of the train that was approaching because it was just about to arrive."

The train barely missed both men as other patrons frantically waved at the train operator. The officer then scooped the man up in his arms and placed him on the platform.

"This has been a very particular experience, but they prepare us for this sort of thing," he said.