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Hungarian artist turns caravan into camera to win photography prize

By George Webster for CNN
  • Hungarian Gabor Isz has won this year's prestigious BMW-Paris Photo prize
  • Isz turned his caravan into a giant "camera obscura" to create winning image
  • The artist and photographer was one of 20 finalists shortlisted for this year's prize

(CNN) -- It takes more than a high-def digi-cam and a fancy tripod to win photography prizes, if Gabor Isz's work is anything to go by.

The Hungarian artist and photographer went to the lengths of turning his caravan into a giant "camera obscura" to create the image that won this year's BMW-Paris Photo prize, at the recent Paris Photo fair.

Entitled "Permanent Daylight No.6," it is part of a series Isz took when he parked his caravan-turned-camera next to a cluster of agricultural greenhouses.

To make the camera, Isz punched a small hole in his trailer and hung photosensitive material inside it. The image was formed over four successive nights during which the light emanating from the glowing structures passed through the hole, hitting the paper.

Isz was among 20 finalists shortlisted for the €12,000 ($16,300) annual prize, established in 2004 to support contemporary photography. This year entrants were asked to submit images on the theme of "Electric Vision."

In a statement after the awards ceremony, photography historian and jury member, Michel Frizot said: "The originality of Gabor Isz's practice is unlike certain standards of today, owing to the fact that he works slowly and without pomposity. His image seems to us to be totally in tune with the theme "Electric Vision."