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Renovated Vatican Library reopens

By the CNN Wire Staff
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Vatican library goes hi-tech (Chinese)
  • The library was closed for three years for renovations
  • Improvements include climate-controlled rooms for manuscripts and microchips in books
  • The library contains historic manuscripts, books, drawings and more

(CNN) -- The Vatican Apostolic Library reopened its hallowed halls Monday following a three-year renovation, according to library officials.

Climate-controlled rooms for precious manuscripts, electronic microchips in books, and state-of-the-art security measures to prevent theft and loss are just a few of the changes made to the library, officials said.

Pictures released by the Vatican give the public a rare view of the library, which is open only to teachers, scholars and researchers.

The library now combines its historical beauty with new safety and comfort features. They include an improved cataloguing system and better spacing for the thousands of people it serves each year, officials said.

The Vatican Apostolic Library is home to world-renowned manuscripts, drawings, engravings, coins and medals.

It also houses millions of printed books, including archival materials used by scholars and researchers from all over the world, according to the Vatican.