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Man arrested in London after cricket scam allegations surface

By the CNN Wire Staff
  • The man was arrested on suspicion of conspiracy to defraud bookmakers
  • The arrest was made following a British tabloid's report on an alleged match-fixing scam
  • The alleged ringleader pocketed nearly $233,000, the News of the World reports

(CNN) -- London police on Saturday arrested a man on suspicion of conspiracy to defraud bookmakers after a British tabloid published an expose on an alleged match-fixing scam involving the Pakistani cricket team.

The News of the World report says that some members of the Pakistani team were involved in the alleged scam. It allegedly involved some of the team's bowlers deliberately bowling "no balls" at specific moments of the match.

The tabloid also says the alleged ringleader pocketed 150,000 pounds (US $232,800) in the scam, which it says occurred during the test match at Lord's cricket venue this week. The match is ongoing.

"Following the information received from the News of the World, we have today arrested a 35-year-old man on suspicion of conspiracy to defraud the bookmakers," a Scotland Yard spokesman told CNN, declining to elaborate.

Police also declined to say whether they plan to interview any of the Pakistani players alleged to have been involved in the scheme, the UK Press Association reported.

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The News of the World report was co-authored by Mazher Mahmood, a controversial figure in British journalism who has exposed several previous scams. He was responsible for a report in May that revealed that Duchess of York Sarah Ferguson offered to sell access to her former husband, Prince Andrew.

According to the UK Press Association, the tabloid's reporters were able to gain access to the alleged ring by posing as "Far Eastern businessmen."

CNN's Andreena Narayan contributed to this report.