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London, rest of southeast England brace for severe weather

By the CNN Wire Staff
  • London and southeast England could see flash flooding
  • Up to 2 inches of rain could fall through Monday morning
  • The weather system is projected to head into other European countries

(CNN) -- Forget London fog -- parts of England could get drenched with flash flooding during Monday morning's rush-hour commute.

The Met Office in Europe has issued a severe weather warning for London and other parts of southeast England, CNN meteorologist Pedram Javaheri said. Forecasters say brief periods of heavy rainfall and gusty winds are possible.

Computer projections indicate up to 5 cm (2 inches) of rain could fall through Monday morning. The weather system could also bring unsettled weather to parts of northern France, Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany before it moves north into Scandinavia.

The Met Office issues such warnings when the weather agency has at least 60 percent confidence that severe weather is expected in the next few days.