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Moscow reduces hours for some alcohol sales

From Jack Maddox, CNN
Russian authorities have cut the hours for some daily alcohol sales in Moscow.
Russian authorities have cut the hours for some daily alcohol sales in Moscow.
  • A new law in Moscow restricts alcohol sales in stores
  • The law limits sales of stronger beverages to 12 hours a day instead of 15
  • The law affects only Moscow; there is no nationwide alcohol sales regulation in Russia
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(CNN) -- Moscow, Russia, authorities have cut the daily sales hours for beverages with more than 15 percent alcohol, making it illegal to buy such beverages in stores between 10 p.m. and 10 a.m., according to Russian state-run news agency RIA-Novosti.

The move, which reduces by three hours a day the time those beverages can be sold in stores, will go into effect at the beginning of September, RIA-Novosti said. The tightened limits on alcohol sales also prohibit local prefectures from issuing 24-hour sales permits to shops.

The cut in sales hours doesn't affect bars, restaurants or night clubs in Moscow, which can still obtain 24-hour liquor licenses and serve beer, wine or bottled cocktails with less than 15 percent alcohol.

The move is part of a continued effort led by the Kremlin to reduce Russia's drinking problem. It is a problem that annually leads to thousands of deaths and a male life expectancy lower than anywhere else in Europe.

The new law will only affect the Moscow region because there is no nationwide alcohol sales regulation, leaving alcohol available on store shelves 24 hours a day throughout the rest of the country, according to RIA-Novosti.