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Suicide bomber targets police checkpoint in North Ossetia

By Maxim Tkachenko, CNN
  • NEW: Death toll climbs to two
  • The man blows himself up while police were checking his documents
  • North Ossetia has been plagued by violence and instability
  • It borders the breakaway region of Chechnya

Moscow, Russia (CNN) -- Two police officers were killed and three other people injured Tuesday when a man blew himself up near a police checkpoint in North Ossetia, the Russian Prosecutor's Office said.

The suicide bomber also died.

"During a routine document check, a man triggered a home-made explosive devise," the regional police told CNN. "The suicide bomber killed himself too. We are now trying to establish his identity."

Police said, the attack took place Tuesday morning at the border between North Ossetia and Ingushetia.

North Ossetia and the rest of the Caucasus region have been plagued with violence and political instability over the years.

North Ossetia borders Georgia's South Ossetia region, where a conflict erupted between Georgia and Russia in August 2008. The area also borders the long-turbulent breakaway region of Chechnya.