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Building collapse in Italy kills 3

By Hada Messia, CNN
  • The incident occurred near Naples
  • Heavy rains smacked the region
  • A young girl is found alive
  • Italy

Rome, Italy (CNN) -- A young married couple wrapped in an embrace were among three people found dead after an apartment building collapsed in southern Italy Friday night, an Italian rescue official said.

The accident occurred in Afragola, located near Naples.

Generoso Schiavone, an engineer at the Italian Civil Protection office, told CNN that crews found the bodies of a 33-year-old man and his 29-year-old wife locked in an embrace. They also found the body of a 75-year-old woman.

A 10-year-old girl survived the accident. Schiavone told CNN she is the granddaughter of the 75-year-old woman.

The region was inundated by heavy rains, but Schiavone said that the bad weather alone was not responsible for the collapse.