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Vuvuzela protest planned at BP HQ

By the CNN Wire Staff
  • Vuvuzela protest planned outside BP's London headquarters
  • New York-based video producer organized the protest
  • Adam Quirk says he also hopes to raise money for Gulf recovery

London, England (CNN) -- Protesters armed only with vuvuzelas were planning to converge on BP's London headquarters Tuesday in a noisy protest over the company's handling of the Gulf oil disaster.

"BP is not feeling the pain they are causing in the Gulf," said Adam Quirk, a New York-based video producer who was organizing the protest.

Quirk said he hoped to have at least 200 vuvuzela players for the noon (7 a.m. ET) demonstration. He said he also hoped to raise $10,000 through the event, dubbed Vuvuzelas4BP, to help with the Gulf recovery efforts.

"If you know someone who either hates BP, loves the Gulf of Mexico, hates vuvuzelas, or has a sense of humor, please send them our way!" Quirk wrote on his website last week about the event.

The event will "exact a bit of revenge on one of the companies that caused this destruction," Quirk said.

It wasn't clear how many planned to show up for the event. Quirk has been advertising it on his Twitter page, where he has more than 1,000 followers.

BP said it was aware of the planned protest but had no other comment.