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Man takes hostages at Leipzig store

By the CNN Wire Staff
  • Man takes number of people hostage in German store
  • Special forces have been sent in to support local police
  • Man said to be using a "gun-like" object; police unsure if it's real
  • Germany

Berlin, Germany (CNN) -- A hostage standoff in the east German city of Leipzig ended Tuesday after several hours, police said.

The hostage-taker walked down the stairs of the H&M store in central Leipzig, where he had been holding people since the early afternoon, police said. It ended without violence, they said.

It began around 12:30 p.m. (6:30 a.m. ET), when a worker at the store called police to report the hostage-taking, police spokesman Udo Voigt said.

Police had cordoned off the area and emptied and searched all shops in a 300-meter (328-yard) radius, Voigt said.

CNN's Claudia Otto contributed to this report.