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French bank robbed through basement

  • Burglars enter French bank by basement and steal unknown amount of money
  • Theft happened late Saturday at branch of Credit Lyonnais in central Paris
  • Wall has a thickness of 80 centimeters -- more than two and a half feet

Paris, France (CNN) -- Robbers broke into the basement of a French bank over the weekend and made off with an unknown amount of money from the vault, a spokesman for the bank said Tuesday.

The theft happened late Saturday night at a branch of Credit Lyonnais (LCL) in central Paris. The bank was informed Sunday morning about a fire at the bank and only learned of the robbery the next day, when police said the fire followed a burglary, LCL spokesman Olivier Tassain said.

The burglars broke into the bank through the basement and entered the vault through a hole in the wall, Tassain said. He could not confirm reports in the French media that the burglars drilled a hole in the wall.

French radio network RTL reported the wall has a thickness of 80 centimeters -- more than two and a half feet.

It wasn't clear Tuesday how many safes were broken into, in part because some safes were damaged by the fire but not by the burglary, Tassain said.

Tassain also couldn't say how many burglars there were.

French media reports said the burglars tied up the night guard during the break-in, and then set fire to the vault in an effort to hide their tracks.

"(The guard) is in good health," Tassain told CNN. "We obviously asked for him to receive medical and psychological counseling. The guard is employed by a security firm."

CNN's Alix Bayle contributed to this report.