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Teen set for record-breaking Pole attempt

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Spring break at the North Pole
  • Parker Liautaud hopes to become the youngest person to ski to the North Pole
  • Liautaud hopes to raise awareness about environment among young people
  • The 15-year old will be led by experienced adventurer and environmentalist Doug Stoup

London, England (CNN) -- A 15-year-old schoolboy is planning to make history as the youngest person to ski to the North Pole.

Parker Liautaud, who attends the prestigious Eton College in southern England, will begin his two-week odyssey on March 31.

Led by experienced adventurer Doug Stoup, Parker hopes to raise awareness among young people about environment issues.

"The idea is to inspire, inform and engage young people on the issue of climate change and bring to light what's been happening in the arctic region in particular," Liautaud, who was born in California, told CNN.

"The best way to do this is to show what is happening right now through direct and live coverage."

"The Arctic ocean is in a state of emergency," Stoup said on his Web site, "Scientists are reporting this Arctic Season to be been one of the warmest in recorded history.

"As a veteran polar adventurer, I have seen huge differences in the state of the Arctic Ocean over the last decade. I have witnessed less multi-year ice."

Parker's expedition will include a large social media component, with Parker rallying young people around the world to become catalysts for change.

Twice a day, he will update his location on Facebook via Google Earth. This will show the progress being made, as well as possible ice shifts that occur throughout the day.

Parker's Facebook followers can join the expedition by following his progress and approximating when he will arrive at the summit.