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100 firefighters battle London blaze

  • Fire engulfs London building, 100 firefighters at scene
  • Fireman said blaze started in bar and restaurant and spread to an adjacent building
  • There were no immediate reports of casualties

London, England (CNN) -- A hundred firefighters and 25 fire engines were at the scene of an early-morning fire over four floors of a building in East London, a London Fire Brigade spokesman said Thursday.

There were no immediate reports of casualties. Firemen at the scene said no one was inside.

The spokesman said the fire brigade was called at 4:30 a.m. to the building on Tabernacle Street, near London's trendy Shoreditch neighborhood.

The fire began in the popular Sosho bar and restaurant, a fireman at the scene said. It then spread to the other floors, the adjacent building, and the courtyard behind the building, where the fire was still burning some four hours later, the fireman said.

The top floors of the buildings were hollowed out by the fire.

A four-block radius around the fire was cordoned off and buses in the area were being diverted, Transport for London said.

White and gray smoke was visible from blocks away.

CNN's Cristina Lynch contributed to this report.