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Turkish man shot at Ukrainian consulate

By Ivan Watson and Yesim Comert, CNN
  • Officials: Turkish man shot at Consulate of Ukraine in Istanbul
  • Consul general says the man was wounded in the gunbattle
  • The Turkish man had a Ukrainian wife, CNN Turk says
  • Ukraine
  • Turkey

Istanbul, Turkey (CNN) -- Police shot a Turkish man after he opened fire on the Consulate of Ukraine, local officials and media said

"There was an attack on the consulate," Volodymyr Puzyrko, the Ukrainian consul general in Istanbul, said by telephone.

"He fired many times," Puzyrko added.

The consul general said the man was wounded in the gunbattle. CNN's sister network CNN Turk retracted an earlier report that the man had died. Hospital officials also said the man was still alive.

An officer at the Senlikoy police station, which oversees the Istanbul neighborhood where the Ukrainian consulate is, confirmed that an officer posted outside the three-story villa that houses the consulate's offices opened fire and wounded a man with Turkish identification.

The press office for the governor of Istanbul issued a short statement, saying "this incident does not have a political dimension. It was a personal matter."

The Turkish man had a Ukrainian wife, CNN Turk reported.