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More about filmmaker Paul Refsdal

Editor's Note: CNN's "Taliban" documentary explores filmmaker Paul Refsdal's embed with the Taliban and reveals the Taliban at war and at rest, preparing weapons and coordinating ambushes, praying, playing, even at home with their families. It airs on CNN TV Saturday, December 11, 8 p.m. ET

Paul Refsdal is an independent Norwegian journalist who has spent the last 26 years reporting from the frontlines of some of the world's toughest conflicts. He began his career in writing and photography in 1984 by going with the Mujahedeen to Afghanistan. In the '80s, he embedded with Karen rebels in Burma, with the LTTE in Sri Lanka, with Sandinista forces in Nicaragua, and with Guatemalan insurgents. In the '90s, he reported on the Shining Path in Peru, the KLA in Kosovo, as well as Chechen and Albanian rebels in Macedonia.

Refsdal has reported for CNN from Kosovo, Chechnya and Baghdad, during the 2003 invasion. In 2009, Refsdal embedded with the Taliban in Afghanistan, filming with full access for 9 days behind the lines.

In addition to his work in journalism, Refsdal served in the military for over four years, reaching the rank of second-lieutenant. He has worked for the United Nations and various humanitarian organizations, as well as working in the private sector. He is 47 years old, with 3 children. He has produced one documentary film, "Taliban: Behind the Masks" and written a book, published recently and called, "The Guerrilla Reporter."