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Bicycle bombs in Afghanistan kill 3, injure dozens

From Matiullah Mati, For CNN
  • 36 people are injured in the attacks
  • Authorities believe the blasts were caused by suicide bombers
  • The explosions occur along a road frequently used by NATO troops and police

(CNN) -- Three people were killed and 36 were injured in back-to-back explosions in eastern Afghanistan on Saturday, a province official said.

Authorities believe the blasts -- which occurred only 200 meters apart in the capital city of Laghman province -- could be the work of bicycle-riding suicide bombers, said Haji Sheren, the province's executive director.

The first suspected suicide bomber detonated near a public hospital and a police post around 9:30 a.m. (12:30 a.m. ET), killing three civilians and injuring 25 people. One police officer was among the injured, Sheren said.

The other suspected suicide attack injured 11 civilians, Sheren said.

NATO troops and police frequently travel on the road where both explosions occurred, he said.

From journalist Matiullah Mati