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No. 2 mob boss arrested in Japan

By the CNN Wire Staff
  • He joins the No. 1 boss behind bars
  • Kiyoshi Takayama, 63, was arrested on an extortion allegation
  • Authorities have cracked down ahead of the No. 1 boss's release

Tokyo, Japan (CNN) -- The second-in-command of Japan's largest crime syndicate was arrested Thursday, joining the No. 1 boss behind bars, police said.

Kiyoshi Takayama, 63, was arrested on an allegation of extorting about 40 million yen ($480,556) from a man in Kyoto, said Masachika Furuie of the Organized Crime 2nd Division of the Kyoto Prefectural Police.

Japanese authorities have been cracking down on Takayama's faction of the Yamaguchi-gumi crime syndicate ahead of the release of syndicate boss Kenichi Shinoda next spring.

Shinoda was jailed in 2005 for violating gun-control law.

Takayama has been indicted for allegedly extorting protection money from a man involved in the construction business.

He has denied the charge, saying, "I am not related."

Takayama remained calm when about 140 police officers arrived at his residence at 4:40 a.m. Thursday, Furuie said.

CNN's Chie Kobayashi contributed to this report.