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Indonesian police: Suspects in raids tied to terrorist groups

From Kathy Quiano-Castro, CNN
  • Authorities killed three of the suspects on Sunday
  • 15 others were arrested
  • The raids netted TNT and high-powered weapons, police say

Jakarta, Indonesia (CNN) -- Three suspects killed by Indonesian authorities Sunday, and 15 others who were arrested, have ties to terrorist groups, police said Monday.

The 18 were the subject of raids on Sunday that netted TNT and high-powered weapons, but the terrorist ties were not confirmed till after the operations, police said.

The three suspects who were killed, and three of those arrested, were involved in a bank heist in August, National Police Chief Bambang Hendarsono Danuri said at a news conference Monday in Medan, North Sumatra. The men belonged to a terror cell in charge of raising money to buy weapons, the chief added.

The suspects were part of a militant training camp in Aceh, which authorities raided earlier this year, and fled to nearby Medan to raise more money, Danuri said. Police are still hunting for other members of the group.

Terror cells in Indonesia have used armed robberies to raise money for their operations in the past.