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Suspected Taliban bomb maker among captured insurgents

By the CNN Wire Staff
  • A bomb maker was among those captured in Afghanistan Sunday
  • The operation took place in Wardak province
  • A firefight broke out between insurgents and Afghan and NATO troops
  • The suspected Taliban were found at the compound

(CNN) -- A bomb maker was among several Taliban captured during a joint Afghan and coalition force operation in east-central Afghanistan Sunday, officials said.

The operation took place in Wardak province.

The target of the operation, a known explosives expert and improvised explosive device maker, was not at the site, authorities captured one of his lieutenants, another bomb maker, according to a NATO press release.

The captured bomb maker, whose name was not immediately released, was wanted by the Afghan National Security Forces.

When the Afghan and NATO forces arrived at the site, they saw individuals running from the compound, NATO said. The troops followed the suspected Taliban into an orchard where a series of firefights broke out.

Air support was not called in because there were civilians in the area, NATO said.

After the firefight, troops returned to the compound, where they found three suspected insurgents who were taken into custody.

Authorities also recovered 23 kilograms (51 pounds) of home-made explosives, two 107mm rocket fuses and 1,000 meters of copper wire used in explosive devices.