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High school teacher asks class to plan terror attack

By the CNN Wire Staff
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Students asked to plan terrorist attack
  • Teacher tries to cancel assignment but it is too late
  • Principal says assignment is a mistake made by a young teacher
  • Australia

(CNN) -- An Australian high school teacher caused a stir this week after asking her class to plan a terror attack that would kill as many innocent people as possible.

The teacher of society and an environment class told her pupils to plan a chemical or biological attack in Australia, the Australian Associated Press reported.

The students were instructed to explain how they would choose victims and were urged to devise a plan to kill as many innocent people as possible, the news agency reported.

The teacher canceled the assignment after a 15-year-old student objected to it.

But word of the assignment got out and became a hot topic on radio shows in Australia on Wednesday.

The principal of the school said the assignment was made by a young inexperienced teacher. The principal said he pushed to have the assignment canceled once he heard about it.

"This is one mistake by a hardworking, keen young teacher who is highly regarded by staff, students and community,'' Terry Martino, principal of the West Australian school, told the news agency.