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As many as 35 feared dead in bus accident in Pakistan

By the CNN Wire Staff
  • The bus was overtaken by floodwaters as it tried to cross a river
  • 12 bodies have been recovered; 23 people remain missing
  • 25 passengers survived the accident

Islamabad, Pakistan (CNN) -- At least 12 people were killed and another 23 were missing after their bus plunged into a riverbed Monday night in central Pakistan, police said.

The bus, which was carrying 60 people, was trying to pass through a shallow part of the river after a bridge in the area was destroyed in the ongoing floods in the country, according to Mohammed Shafi, a senior police official in Dera Ghazi Khan District.

Floodwaters overtook the vehicle, pulling it down into deeper waters and flipping it upside down, trapping some passengers underwater, Shafi said.

Twelve bodies were recovered from the water. Some of them had washed downriver as far as 6 kilometers (4 miles). Rescuers were able to reach 25 surviving passengers. The remaining 23 are missing and presumed dead, Shafi said.

Journalist Nasir Habib contributed to this report.