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Cell phone explosion kills man, authorities think

By Sumnima Udas, CNN
  • *Gopal Gujjar was tending his cattle in a forest
  • He was found dead with burns near left ear
  • Authorities believe his phone was hit by lightning

New Delhi, India (CNN) -- A man was killed in northern India Tuesday while talking on a mobile phone that exploded, police said Friday.

"Our primary conclusion, based on post mortem reports and forensic investigation, is that the Nokia 1209 was struck by lightning and then exploded," Deputy Superintendent of Kota Police Chandra Sheel said.

The 24-year-old herdsman identified as Gopal Gujjar was grazing his cattle in a dense forest in Kota District, Rajasthan when the incident took place.

Police found Gujjar's body with burn injuries around the left ear and pieces of the phone scattered nearby.

There were no witnesses and police could not say if had rained or there was any lightening at the time.

The last phone call Gujjar made was at 10:25 a.m. on Tuesday.

Police found the body on Wednesday morning.

"Nothing can be said conclusively but right now it looks like some kind of strong current transfer took place," Sheel said.