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Troops hunting down Muslim insurgents in Afghanistan kill 3

By the CNN Wire Staff
  • Jama'at ul Dawa al-Qu-ran operates alongside the Taliban
  • Raid in Kunar province also targets commanders
  • Troops kill, seize several people

(CNN) -- Afghan and coalition troops targeting a fundamentalist Muslim insurgent group killed three of its fighters, including a commander, NATO's International Security Assistance Force said Friday.

The forces pursued several Jama'at ul Dawa al-Qu'ran commanders on Wednesday in northeastern Afghanistan's Kunar province, where they conducted attacks and propaganda compaigns.

ISAF said the commanders are part of a network in Kunar "directly linked to two rocket-propelled grenade attacks that killed two U.S. service members and wounded several more, in addition to several other RPG and small arms fire attacks against Afghan and coalition forces."

Jama'at ul Dawa al-Qu'ran operates alongside the Taliban, but have different religious ideas, ISAF said.

They believe their members "should strictly abide by the Hadith and Quran texts, and not rely on a cleric to interpret them, as the Taliban does," ISAF said.

The Quran is the sacred Muslim text and the Hadith are the sayings and actions of the Prophet Mohammed.

ISAF said Friday that Sayed Shah, one of the targeted commanders, was among the three militants slain in its raid and that forces detained several suspected insurgents.

Shah died after he and others threw grenades and fired AK-47s at the forces, who fired back and killed them.

"Shah, along with his fellow commanders, attacked coalition forces and endangered the Afghan populace with their criminal activity," said U.S. Army Col. Rafael Torres, International Security Assistance Force Joint Command Combined Joint Operations Center director. "We'll continue to pursue this dangerous network and remove them from the battlefield."