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Dozens missing after mudslides hit southwestern China

By the CNN Wire Staff
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China remembers mudslide victims
  • At least two dead and 90 missing after mudslides in Yunnan province
  • Wenchuan county was rocked by a quake in 2008 that killed thousands
  • China is still reeling from another mudslide in northwest Gansu province

Beijing, China (CNN) -- Rescuers expect the death toll to climb from mudslides this week that have killed at least two people and left 90 missing in southwestern China, state media reported Thursday.

Most of the missing lived in Puladi township and worked at a mine in the Drung-Nu autonomous county of Gongshan, Xinhua reported. The mudslides struck the area at 1:30 a.m. Wednesday.

The mudslides cut off roads and power supplies, and toppled a bridge, sending water levels swelling at the Nujiang River in Yunnan province.

Another mudslide in Wenchuan county in Sichuan province has killed at least 15 people, officials said. Nine others were injured in the weekend mudslide.

Video: Search for loved ones

Wenchuan county was the epicenter of a massive earthquake that killed thousands in May 2008.

China is still reeling from another mudslide in northwestern Gansu province that struck on August 8 and killed more that 1,200 people.

Torrential rain triggered that mudslide, causing the side of a mountain to break off and bury homes.