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Frenchman sought in Indonesia terror case

From Andy Saputra, CNN
  • The man is wanted for his alleged connection to radical groups
  • Police say he was allegedly involved in a foiled terrorist plot
  • The man's vehicle was seized during a raid in May
  • Indonesia
  • Indonesia
  • Terrorism

Jakarta, Indonesia (CNN) -- Indonesian anti-terror police are looking for a French man who was allegedly involved in a terrorist plot foiled in May, a top police official said Wednesday.

Police Chief Detective Ito Sumardi said Indonesians are in touch with the French embassy and Interpol about the case.

The man is being sought for connection to radical groups, Sumardi said. His alleged connection to the plot was first discovered during an anti-terrorism raid in May, when police arrested five suspects and seized bomb-related materials.

During the raid, police seized a vehicle belonging to the French national that they suspected would be used as a car bomb, Sumardi said.

In the past year, police have launched a nationwide crackdown on militants sparked by the twin hotel bombings in the summer of 2009.

They have also arrested or killed dozens of high-profile militants including Noordin Top, who was once on the FBI's Most Wanted list and was killed in a firefight a year ago, and extremist fugitive Dulmatin, the suspected terrorist behind the Bali bombings who was killed by Indonesian police in March.