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Kashmir violence kills two

From Journalist Mukhtar Ahmad
  • Parts of Kashmir are under curfew
  • Violent anti-India protests erupted back in June
  • Many Kashmiris want Indian troops to withdraw

Srinagar, India (CNN) -- Continuing skirmishes between security forces and anti-Indian Kashmiris killed at least two people and wounded three others on Saturday, police said.

Indian-administered Kashmir has been in the throes of violent protests since June 11, which have claimed 57 lives so far and left scores others wounded. The protests are part of a so-called "Quit Kashmir" campaign launched by separatist groups against Indian rule in Kashmir.

A senior police officer, Shafaqat Ahmad, said mobs pelted paramilitary police with stones in Anantnag, the summer capital of India's Jammu and Kashmir state about 40 miles from Srinagar. He said the police then opened fire.

In another incident, Indian security forces shot at a stone-pelting mob in the town of Narbal, on the outskirts of Srinagar, which has been under curfew in the aftermath of Friday's killing of four people by police.

Security forces in full riot gear were out in force Saturday and warnings to residents not to venture out blared from loudspeakers affixed to police vehicles. But protesters defied the curfew, resulting in violent clashes.

Muslim-majority Kashmir is claimed by both India and Pakistan. India deployed thousands of troops in Kashmir to guard against what Indian leaders believe was a Pakistan-backed insurgency that began in the 1980s.

That insurgency, which India says claimed more than 40,000 lives, is no longer raging but the troops have remained.