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Mechanical failure leaves passengers stranded on fair ride

By Greg Morrison, CNN
  • Passengers are stranded for more than two hours
  • Ride is brought to a standstill by a malfunctioning motor
  • Fire crews use ladders to bring the passengers to safety

(CNN) -- A motor failure at a chairlift ride at the Wisconsin State Fair in West Allis, Wisconsin, left about 200 people stranded in mid-air for more than two hours Thursday night, officials said.

A motor powering the Sky Glider attraction stopped working and would not restart, said fair spokeswoman Patrice Harris.

Fire crews were called in. They used cherry-style lifts and ladders to pluck the passengers stuck 35 feet up in the air at the ride's highest point.

No one was hurt. But it took more than two and half hours to get all the passengers safely to the ground.

The attraction is expected to reopen Friday after the system is thoroughly tested, Harris said.