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At least 25 dead in bus crash in India

From Mukhtar Ahmad, CNN
  • The bus tumbled down a hillside and was then swept away by strong river currents
  • Two people were able to jump clear and survived

Srinagar, India (CNN) -- At least 25 people were feared dead Friday in a dramatic hillside bus crash in the Indian state of Jammu and Kashmir. Two others survived after they were able to jump clear.

The bus rolled off a main road in hilly Kishtwar district, took a steep fall and then was swept away by strong currents in the rain-swollen Chenab River, the district magistrate, G.R. Bhagat, told CNN.

Two passengers escaped with minor injuries by jumping out of the tumbling bus, Bhagat said.

He said divers were able to reach the river as night fell and are ready to launch a search for bodies at daylight Saturday.

Road accidents are not uncommon in this area of Kashmir because of the treacherous mountain terrain and poor roadways. Buses are also often overcrowded.