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Landslides kill 27 in southern China

By the CNN Wire Staff
  • Torrential rain started Thursday night in southern China
  • Six people are missing; 20,000 homes are damaged
  • Rain killed at least 260 people last month

Beijing, China (CNN) -- Landslides killed at least 27 people and tens of thousands were evacuated in southern China, where heavy rain has created chaos, state-run media said Friday.

Torrential rain toppled 9,000 houses and damaged 20,000 others, the Xinhua news agency said. Six people were missing.

Vital roads were severed by floodwater in hard-hit Chongqing municipality, and up to 92 flights were delayed at the airport.

China's heaviest rain this summer began falling Thursday night. Rivers spilled over their banks and several townships were left flooded.

"One of my relatives almost drowned after water gushed into the ground-floor apartment through the windows," Zeng Jun told Xinhua. "The family was dragged out by people using a rope."

In Qingtian County, a mother and daughter were crushed to death amid heavy rain after their house collapsed as they slept, municipal firefighters said.

Rain-triggered flooding and landslides last month killed 260 people, Xinhua reported, citing the Ministry of Civil Affairs, and 211 people are still missing in 11 southern China provinces.