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6 injured in Afghan suicide bombing

By the CNN Wire Staff
  • Ghazni province scene of suicide car bombing
  • Taliban militant captured in Kandahar
  • 450 kilograms of opium found in Helmand

(CNN) -- A suicide car bomb targeting a police headquarters injured three officers and three civilians in eastern Afghanistan on Thursday, authorities said.

The attack took place in the Andar district of Ghazni province.

Ghazni Police Chief Khial Baz Sherzai said the suicide attacker was speedily driving a vehicle similar to the kind used by Afghan National Police.

Police singled for the driver to stop and then shot and detonated the vehicle.

In Kandahar province, Afghan and NATO-led forces captured a militant responsible for coordinating attacks, NATO's International Security Assistance Force said Thursday.

The militant, a Taliban "sub-commander," was seized Wednesday night, and several suspected insurgents were detained, ISAF said. Kandahar is in southern Afghanistan.

In the Garmser District of Helmand province, also in the south, an ISAF patrol discovered found 450 kilograms of opium in a truck and detained the driver and a passenger.

The drugs were "hidden under a false floor in a truck after the driver tried to avoid a vehicle checkpoint," ISAF said.

The patrol also found a kilogram of amphetamines on a farm tractor and detained several people "who tested positive for using the drug."

Militants use the drug trade to fund their activities.