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Gunman kills 3 judges in China court

By the CNN Wire Staff
  • Man kills 3 judges, wounds 3, before killing himself
  • Gunman was head of local security squad in central China
  • Man used weapons taken from a subordinate
  • Motive was revenge after divorce case, state news says

(CNN) -- A man shot dead three judges and wounded another three before killing himself in a court office in central China Tuesday, state news said.

The alleged gunman, Zhu Jun, barged into an office at a local court in Yongzhou City, in Hunan province, just after 10 a.m. (10 p.m. ET Monday) and shot the judges, authorities told the Xinhua news agency.

Zhu, 46, headed a security squad in Lingling District, Xinhua reported. Earlier that morning, Zhu took a submachine gun and two pistols from a subordinate and said he would have the guns examined by higher authorities, Xinhua said.

Zhu, who lived with his parents, had a son and was divorced from his wife, Xinhua reported.

The investigation showed Zhu committed the attack to take revenge on the court, Xinhua said.

Zhu's family and colleagues told police Zhu thought the court unjustly handled the property division when the couple divorced three years ago, Xinhua said.

The victims were not involved in Zhu's divorce case, police said, according to Xinhua.

Zhu was on sick leave at home for two months and only came back to work three days ago, they said.